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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga

Daimalos – Arenas

Daimalos is a small town belonging to the municipality of Arenas in Málaga.

His name is lost in the mists of history. It already appears in the chronicle of the Kings of Castilla, with the name of “Daymas”, as one of the Villas conquered by the Catholic Monarchs. On June 6th of 1486, by Royal Order signed by the Catholic Monarchs in Murcia, was incorporated into the jurisdiction of Vélez.

It seems that this name corresponds to Daymús or Daimuz, which means in Arabic large farmhouse. Nothing is strange that in its Arab principles, like farmstead, it was considered as a country house or large farmhouse.

He took part in the Moorish uprising of the year 1569, and one of his potteries, considered a just and wise man, participated in the council of Martin Alguacil, King of Bentomiz.

After the first expulsion of the Moriscos after the Battle of Frigiliana, in 1569, the Villa was almost abandoned, so the distribution of the lands and houses among the old Christians arrived from other parts of the kingdom.

In the last third of the eighteenth century, he was born in Daimalos, who would later become Fray Salvador de Talavera, belonging to the minor clerics of Granada. Being a friend of the King, he proposed him to a bishopric, although he did not become a bishop. He founded a Mayorazgo in Corumbela. He enjoyed great popularity for his wisdom and virtue.

In the year 1869, by reform carried out by the Ministry of the Interior over the national Territory, the municipalities were grouped; Daimalos was united to Arenas.

Currently living in Daimalos about 50 neighbors, being known for its excellent wine moscatel that always gave him fame, its Arabic source (12th century) with healty waters that are sait to have properties for happiness and love, and its small Church-Mosque of Ntra. Sra. de la Concepción.

Distances from Daimalos

To Arenas 2,3 km
To Sedella 18 km
To Salares 16 km
To Alcaucín 31 km
To Málaga 47 km

Daimalos Minaret





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