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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Darro, Sierra Arana

Darro can be found in the Sierra Arana, at 1,200 metres altitude. A striking feature of this small Granada town is the layout of its streets and the mix of Andalusian architecture with that of La Mancha. From the archaeological site of Cueva Hora, with its remains from the Lower Palaeolithic and Bronze ages, you can enjoy a splendid view of the Sierra Nevadas.

Darro limits with the municipalities of Píñar, Morelábor, Húelago, Guadix, Cortes y Graena, La Peza, Diezma e Iznalloz.

The region around Darro has been settled throughout the Palaeolithic, Bronze and Neolithic Ages. The existence of fertile lands along river banks and deposits of iron and copper have favoured human presence across the years, and the many archaeological sites have been found to be of great value and historical importance to demonstrate the very existence of these prehistoric settlements.

Darro has been known throughout its history as Harat Darro and Hadarro.During the Arab era it was not of great significance and after the Christian conquest the Moorish population was expelled and subsequently the town was repopulated by settlers from other regions of Spain. In the eighteenth century, the Marquis of Ariza donated the land where now stands the parish church. Thus he became a benefactor to the town and its people. In more recent times, the traditional urban structure has joined with the development of the hillside on the western slopes and it’s with new buildings.

Darro Monuments

Iglesia Parroquial (Parish Church) built in 1782.

Archaeological Sites

Cueva Hora (Lower Paleolithic and Bronze ages).
Cerro del Picon (Neolithic and Bronze settlements).
Cuevas de Panorias (rock art of Neolithic and Bronze ages).
Portillo del Teril (shelter from Neolithic, Bronze and Roman ages).
Abrigo de Julio Martinez (rock art, Neolithic and Bronze ages).

Darro Gastronomy

Many types of locally produced sausages, lamb, cakes and egg donuts.
The municipality is part of the production area of a product that stands out for its quality: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
This is sold with the quality label: Denomination of Origin “Montes de Granada”.


Leaving Granada .Take the A-92 heading to Guadix – Almeria – Murcia.Take the exit towards: Exit 276 – Diezma .Turn left: GR-NE-21.Pass Diezma and enter Darro.


Lopera 8 km
Granada 39 km
Purullena 12 km
Sillar Baja 7 km
Los Villares 4 km
Cortes y Graena 12 km
Huétor Santillán 32 km
Belerda de Guadix 8.5 km




Darro Data del año 1782, construida sobre el terreno cedido por el Marqués de Ariza. Se encuentra en muy buen estado de conservación.

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