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Villages in Granada

Dehesas de Guadix

Villages in Granada

Dehesas de Guadix, Guadix Region, Granada

To the North of the Hoya de Guadix and about to 84 kilometres from the capital granadina, is located the town of Dehesas de Guadix, in an area that met the first civilizations of prehistoric man in the Iberian Peninsula, where there are plenty of unusual troglodyte dwellings, so characteristic of the entire area.

Dehesas de Guadix borders on Jaén with Cabra del Santo Cristo, Quesada, Huesa and Pozo Alcón, and on Granada with Alamedilla, Alicún de Ortega, Pedro Martínez, Villanueva de Las Torres, Gorafe, Guadix, Freila, Cuevas del Campo and Zujar.

The name of the municipality in its present name, seems to come from that during the XVI and XVII centuries, these territories were a great pasture belonging to the Council of Guadix, dedicated to breeding horses.

The whole area has a great archaeological richness of various prehistoric stages, highlighting the area known as the Terrera del Reloj, where there were was an argaric town. Is poorly preserved and difficult to access, but provides a route for hiking and once there you can admire the excavations.

Its most prosperous period was when it belonged to the Muslim court of King El Zagal. Of its medieval past remains in their domain traces of an ancient fortress known as Castillejo del Cortijo de Don Cristobal.

In the town centre we found that the vast majority of dwellings are cave houses or houses mixed, part cave and part built around. Also in its streets there is a viewpoint from which to view the beautiful panoramic views and its location. It has recreational and leisure areas, as a complex with swimming pool and playgrounds. For the town and its surroundings have conditioned different urban trails that run through and reach the caves.
Nearly the 70% of homes in this county are troglodytes. From its location you can overlook a curious natural landscape of limestone, suggesting ways reminiscent of the lunar landscapes.

Dehesas de Guadix Monuments

Parish Church (from the beginning of the XX century).

La Terrera del Reloj.

Archaeological Sites: All the area has a great archaeological.

Town Planning: Caves-Houses.


We have to emphasize like the typical recipe the hormigos, a stew of potatoes and green beans. There are also produced in these county snails, gazpacho, the andrajos and porridge. And for dessert homemade donuts.

How to get there

You have to exit Granada. Take the A-92 heading to Guadix – Almería – Murcia. Take the exit towards: Salida 276 – Diezma. In its are around, turn left: GR-NE-21. Cross Darro. Continue along: A-308. Turn right: GR-NE-32. Cross Huélago and follow signs to Villanueva de las Torres, then exit this town and continue in: GR-NE-13. Then you get Dehesas de Guadix.

Distances from Dehesas de Guadix

Zújar 65 km
Moreda 35 km
Huélago 33 km
Granada 84 km
Guadahortuna 38 km
Alicún de Ortega 4 km
Cuevas del Campo 68 km
Benalúa de Guadix 36 km
Villanueva de las Torres 7 km

Comarca de los Montes Orientales

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