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Castles in Cordoba, Lucena, monuments, churches, chapels, hermitages, palaces and castle

Del Moral Castle – Lucena

Castles in Cordoba, Lucena, monuments, churches, chapels, hermitages, palaces and castle

Del Moral Castle – Lucena

Del Moral Castle is located in the town of Lucena, next to the Plaza de España, Paseo del Coso and the Plaza de Becquer, few meters from the impresive Church of San Mateo.

Of Jewish origin and reformed after the Christian Reconquest. It is important the Tower of Moral. Inside it the king Boabdil “El Chico”, last Nazari king of Granada, was prisoner in the first battle which he lost, until the definitive loss of his kingdom.

Medieval Subbetica Route and Andalusí Legate. XIV Century.

The fortress, built on Roman and Visigothic ruins, dates back to the 9th century as a defense of the Muslim kingdoms of Al-Andalus against the Christians. In 1240, Ferdinand III of Castile conquered the city and its castle, and it began to be used as a frontier fortress, for which it took on great importance. For this purpose, it was donated to the Cabildo de Córdoba and later to the Order of Santiago. Later it was acquired by the mistress of King Alfonso XI, Leonor de Guzmán, and later became part of the Lordship of Aguilar with the Fernández de Córdoba family, who actively participated in the wars against the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada.

The castle lost its defensive function in 1492 after the conquest by the Catholic Monarchs and became the residence of the Marqueses de Comares and Alcaide de los Donceles until it returned to the hands of the monarchy in 1767.

During the 17th century, a garden and adjoining stables were built, both of which were destroyed in 1970 for the construction of the Post and Telegraph building.

In the years 2001 and 2003 works were carried out for its conversion to the Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Lucena. Its founding funds are made up of archaeological assets and others of a historical, paleontological and ethnological nature that come from the municipal area, as well as from other surrounding territories, highlighting, among others, those from the Cueva del Ángel site. Read more…

Château del Moral Chateau d`origine juive et reforme par les chretiens apres la Reconquete. Remarquons-y la tour del Moral. Boabdil El Chico, le dernier roi nasride de Grenade, y fut emprisonne apres sa premiere defaite et jusqu`a la perte definitive de son Royaume.

Route du Subbetique medieval et Route de l`Heritage andalou. XIXe siècle.

Del Moral Castle

Torre del Moral

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