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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Diezma, Hoya de Guadix Region

Diezma, at 1,233 metres altitude, lies alongside the autovia which links Guadix to Granada, whose important features within the urban area are the Church of Santo Cristo de la Fe, with a neomudéjar tower, and the palatial residence of the Marquis of Diezma (siglo XVIII). Worthy of note, just outside town, is the place called ‘Los Bañuelos,’ a thermal spring which is very popular with locals, and the ‘Cueva del Agua’ (Water Cave), a natural grotto containing stalactites and stalagmites.

Diezma limits with the neighboring municipalities of Píñar, Darro, Beas de Granada and La Peza.

There are two versions of the name of this town, one related to property holdings and coming from the Roman era, and one relating to tribute paid to the church (diezmos or tithes) which would likely be from the era of the Visigoths.

In any case, it is evident that during the Roman Empire Diezma began as a kind of inn for travelers making their way along the Via Augusta from Acci to Iliberis and was then known by the name of Diezma. Then, during the Arab domination, Diezma was off the road, which passed through La Peza, and became instead a large farmstead. However, it suffered frequent incursions by ‘los ziries’, (Zirids) firstly in their advance towards Granada, and later, by the Knights of Alfonso VI, before its final conquest by the Catholic Monarchs. Until 1571, however, it was not named as a town, being only a farmstead or small village with barely a dozen houses. Earlier in 1536, it was purchased from the Crown of Castile by Luis Guiral who acquired the title of Mayorazgo of Diezma.

Diezma Town Hall

Almazara Square

Iglesia Square - Diezma

Diezma Monuments

Nuestra Señora de la Anunciación Parish Church

Nuestra Señora de la Anunciación Parish Church - Diezma

Marques de Diezma Palace-House (18th century

Marques de Diezma Palace-House in Diezma


 Partridge casserole. Game dishes. Roast lamb.


Leave Granada. Continue along: A-4002. Turn right: A-92 heading to Guadix-Almeria-Murcia. Take the exit towards: Exit 276 and arrive the town.


Darro 5 km
Iznalloz 35 km
Huélago 16 km
Granada 35 km
Purullena 14 km
El Molinillo 10 km
Huétor Santillán 24 km
Beas de Granada 24 km

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  1. Adrián escribio:

    Es muy bonito unas vitas de la sierras muy bonitas, el agua, y la fuente de los patos es unos de los sitios que mas me gustan de diezma hay patos y ocas.

    Mis padres ante dijeron que antes había un CISNE este era especial por que era negro ya no hay pero ojala que pronto la alcaldesa pongo alguno

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