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Monuments in Córdoba

Doña Mencía – Calvario Chapel

Monuments in Córdoba

Calvario Chapel

The Calvario Chapel is located in the serrezuela, in the Cordovan town of Doña Mencía. In this hermitage the images of the Crucified Christ and María del Mayor Dolor are venerated.

The Hermitage of Calvario was the last to be erected and the only one that is still open today, gaining great relevance in the Holy Week celebrations of Doña Mencía.

There is a viewpoint next to the hermitage from where spectacular views can be seen, both of the town and its castle and of the surroundings.

Ermita del Calvario de Doña Mencía. Situada a las faldas de un cerro desde el que se dispone de una buena panorámica de la villa

About Doña Mencia

The municipality of Doña Mencía, of just over 15 km2, belongs to the Subbética region, also forming part of the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park.

In its small surface, vestiges of an almost continuous settlement have been found from the Bronze Age to the Muslim domination in El Laderón, a hill very close to the population center. The Roman era sites are the most numerous and probably this settlement was due to the passage of the Camino de Metedores through these lands, a route through which agricultural products were marketed between the Guadajoz and Genil valleys. Read more…

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