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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Dúdar, Sierra Nevada

Dudar is a village which lies in the depression which separates the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the south, and Sierra de Huetor Natural Park to the north, crossed within the municipality by the river Aguas Blancas, only 13 kilometres from the Granada capital. It still retains the essential flavor of the small mountain villages near the City of Alhambra. And borders the municipalities of Beas de Granada, Quéntar, Güéjar Sierra, Pinos Genil and Granada.

The first written records mentioning the existence of the town date back to the thirteenth century and appear in them as a district within the Kingdom of Granada. Dudar suffered the vicissitudes of the war of Reconquista, along with many other towns and villages until it was finally taken by the Catholic Kings, later the expulsion of the Moors led to the necessity for recolonisation. In any case, it was never a town with a large population.


Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria (Church of the Immaculate Conception)
Canal de los Franceses.

Dúdar Gastronomy

Granada soup with rice. Wheat and chickpea stew, peas ‘a la  Granadina”. Lamb cutlets.  Granadinas de Vaca. Chicken veal rolls granadina. Local recipe rabbit. Partridge with cabbage. Choto garlic. Fried potatoes.


Leave Granada. Take the mountain road. Pass Lancha de Genil and Lancha de Cenes.Pass Cenes de la Vega. Continue along: A-4026. Turn left: GR-3201. Pass Tenis. Arrive at Dudar.

Distances From Dúdar

Cájar 14 km
Quéntar 3 km
Granada 13 km
Monachil 17km
Pinos Genil 5.5 km
Huétor Vega 12 km
Güejar Sierra 13 km
Cenes de la Vega 6 km

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