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Water Dams in Málaga

El Agujero Dam

Water Dams in Málaga

El Agujero Dam & Reservoir – Málaga

The El Agujero dam & reservoir (unused to date), is located on the Guadalmina river, nort of the city of Málaga, in the Montes de Málaga.

The reservoir capacity was 5 hm3 and provided about 500 l/s of water for urban supply.

The Guadalmina river crosses the urban area of the Málaga city. In the sixteenth century changed is regime from quiet to torrential with the consequent to the people concern, due to the avenues occurred and caused injury to the population.

With the flood occurred in 1907, the river was channeling in its urban section and the construction of El Agujero Dam.

El Agujero dam was designed excluively to meet the objective of flood control, so he set out a comprehensive drainage, permanent open tunnel throught the left abutment, whaose section was responsible for limiting the discharge into the channel. Were arranged four lines channels deep, with gates that cross the body of the dam. A reservoir filled the tunnel had a capaciy of 360 m3/sec. and drains 60 m3 sec. each.

Concrete plant dam with walls covered with masonry, gravity type, ground line with 44 m high.

El Agujero dam met the objectives but recent hydrological studies showed tha thet were insufficient to ensure the safey of Málaga, wich is why in 1983 downstream the El Limonero Dam was finished and let El Agujero dam unused, this raised and locked the gates of the bootton outlets and spillway side was demolished, thus facilitating the communication between the upsteream and downstream of the dam, without creating differences in charge El Limonero reservoir, wich the partially floode.

More on the El Agujero Dam and Reservoir

* Dam volume: 85 (103m3(
* Type of Dam: Gravity
* Spillway: free lamina
* Destination: Flood Control
* Height: 45 m
* Longitude of Coronation: 149 m
* Spillway Cappacity: 900 m3/s
* Volume of Reservoir: 5 hm3
* Area: 56 hectares

El Agujero Dam & Reservoir

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