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Monuments in Málaga

El Burgo – Incarnation Parish Church

Monuments in Málaga

Incarnation Parish Church – El Burgo

The Incarnation Parish Church, built on this former mosque-aljama in the 16th century, is located at the highest point of the urban area of El Burgo.

After the Arab invasión of 711, the Hispano Goth and Hispano-Roman population became poores due to the system of government introduced by the Emirs and Caliphs of Cordoba. These original Spanieros sought protection and refuge in the mountains and became known as “Mozarabs”.

In the IX century, a revolt headed by Omar Bem Hafsún look place in the district. This leader herassed and fought against four Emirs from Cordoba, including Abdahrramán III. It was in these troubled times when the castle at El Burgo played an intense and important role. Incarnation Parish Church - El BurgoThe Mozarabs who had settled in the area built new towers, extended the defences and built a Christian church.

In 921 A.D. the town was besieged, taken and conquered by Emir Abdehrramán III and his army. Once the stronghold surrendered, its citadels were destroyed, it was dismantled, the stones were thrown into the river and a mosque was built on the site of the church.

Incarnation Church was built in the XVI Century over this former Mosque, at the highest point of town of El Burgo.

This beautiful temple, in the Mudejar Gothic style, includes three naves separated by pillars and framed pointed arches, wooden structure in the central nave covered by a Renaissance barrel vault.

It includes a balcony that extends over the cliff and that offers excellent views of the Cabrillas Mountains, the fields of El Burgo and the Turón River.

Iglesia de la Encarnación de El Burgo

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