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Monuments in Málaga

El Burgo – San Agustin Church

Monuments in Málaga

San Agustin Church – Saint Augustine – El Burgo

This church of San Agustin was built thanks to the effort of a saintly priest, Father Vicente Pérez Marañón, and to the generosity of the inhabitants and authorities of El Burgo.

It was built on the side of an ancient oil mill and opened on April 27th, 1952.

The purpose for building this church was to bring the liturgy closer to the elderly and to people who had difficulties walking and who lived at a distance from the town´s main square which was accessed up a steep hill.

The church was finished, but the yard and the priest´s house were not. One day, two twelve-year-old children were playing in the yard and they found a metal ball. They took it to another place, Porrillo Street, where they pulled the ring on the ball: one died and the other was badly wounted. Obviously, the object was a vestige of the Civil War. Ten days later, the parish opened, more specifically on 27/04/1952, with a great festivity and bull-fight.

This temple houses, in its main altar, the images for which the town feels that greatest devotion: the Immaculate Conception and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Other images are of Saint Agustín (Saint Augustine), the Christ of Forgiveness, Our Lady of Fatime and Saint Joseph.

An interesting aspect is that, since 1982, the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of the Snow (Nuestra Señora de las Nieves) is venerated in this church, restored after a second re-appearance.

Iglesia de San Agustín Iglesia de San Agustín

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  1. Rosa María Pérez carrillo escribio:

    Simplemente comentarle que no dice referente a la iglesia el nombre del autor del retablo mayor. Puede que al hacer tanto tiempo no haya esa información. El retablo lo realizó el escultor malagueño, Pedro Pérez Hidalgo.
    Un saludo.
    Rosa María Pérez

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