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Water Dams in Córdoba

El Carpio Dam

Water Dams in Córdoba

El Carpio Dam & Reservoir

El Carpio Dam was built in 1922 and is located on the Guadalquivir River, in the andalusian municipality of El Carpio, province of Cordoba, Spain.

The Guadalquivir river rises in the Cañada de las Fuentes, at 1.400 msnm, in the municipality of Quesada, in the Sierra de Cazorla and runs through the provinces of Jaen, Cordoba and Sevilla, and ends by Sanlucar de Barrameda, in a wide estuary between the province of Cadiz and Huelva.

This reservoir is part of the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir (area of Córdoba).

Sluice gates dam, being integrated dual role of dam and bridge in a single set, in wich stands a magnificent horseshoe arch and turret traverse inspired by islamic military architecture.

The El Carpio Dam has a crest elevation of 140 m, a height from foundations of 20,7 m and a crest lenght of 253 m.

The landscape of the basin is made up gentle hills and large plains.

The El Carpio Dam was built with these objectives:

– Electricty
– Irrigation


Córdoba 36 km
El Carpio12 km
Adamuz 9,5 km
Montoro 15 km
Pedro Abad 4 km
Villafranca de Córdoba 14 km

Presa de El Carpio - Embalse del Carpio - Pantano del Carpio

El Carpio Municipality

El Carpio is a beautiful Cordovan town of 4,555 inhabitants (2012), most of whom reside in the historic center and with two neighborhoods (Maruanas and San Antonio).

Located on a small hill (183 meters above sea level) and from where you can see the mountains, the valley and the countryside. It is a little over 30 km from the capital and belongs to the Cordobesa Region of Municipalities of Alto Guadalquivir. The name of its people is: carpeños.

Its surface extension is 47 km² and it has a density of 97.5 inhabitants/km². It is located to the east of the province, from the foothills of the Sierra Morena to the Guadalquivir, in a landscape of fertile lands with olive trees, meadows and arable crops. Read more…

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