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Villages in Sevilla

El Castillo de las Guardas

Villages in Sevilla

El Castillo de las Guardas

The municipality of El Castillo de las Guardas is set in the far northwest area of the province of Sevilla, in the foothills of the Sierra Norte. The town is closely related with the areas of El Andévalo and La Sierra of Huelva, standing at the road linking the city of Sevilla with these areas, traditionally closely linked to the province of Sevilla, due to the proximity and ease of access to it, especially when it is compared with traditional off this area with the city of Sevilla.

The municipality’s population is distributed among fourteen entities, thirteen villages plus the village of El Castillo. These villages are: Alcornocosa, El Alisar, Archidona, Arroyo de la Plata, La Aulaga, Las Cañadillas, El Cañuelo, Las Cortecillas, Minas del Castillo de las Guardas, El Pedrosillo, El Peralejo, Peroamigo and Valdeflores. All of them are notable for their size, Arroyo de la Plata and Minas del Castillo de las Guardas, with more than 200 and 160 households respectively.

The abundant remains found indicate that these lands have been inhabited since Prehistoric times. This period is known by the tomb discovered in Las Lapas and burial dolmen of Cerro de Antonio Abad.

In the Roman period there have been found many coins in the outskirts of the town, specifically during the reign of the Emperor Trajano.

During the period of Al-Andalus it was called Al-Muniat. There were restored Roman military fortifications, the town became famous for its defences and won a very importance compared to the farms of the province. At this time it was a mosque, a cemetery and other facilities that had only the major cities.

The Christian conquest was carried out by Fernando III. It acquires its own jurisdiction in 1621. In 1647 Carlos III granted the title of Villa.

Its castle, which is named the town, was almost destroyed by Napoleon’s troops during the War of Independence.


Remains of the Castle Wall
Fuente Abrevadero
Church of San Juan Bautista

El Castillo de las Guardas Gastronomy

In El Castillo de las Guardas we have to emphasize the game meat and Iberian pork. Among the dishes we could mention the gandinga made with offal, bread and spices, pot and killing wild boar and venison stew.

In regard to confectionery, we have to emphasize the Piñonate and the torta de chicharrones, and the rosas, roscas, pestiños, etc..

How to get there

You have to exit from SEVILLA by the local road. Take the link road for 1.8 kilometres towards todas direcciones / Mérida / Córdoba / Aeropuerto. Then follow the A-66/SE-30/E-803 for 2.4 km towards Mérida / Portugal. Continue by the A-66/E-803 for 26.7 km. Follow by the N-433 for 1.8 kilometres and continue by the A-476 for 18.0 km. Follow the A-476 Continue for 1.8 km to the SE-530 for 807 m to the Castillo de Guardas.

Distances from El Castillo de las Guardas

Nerva 24 km
Sevilla 56 km
Huelva 98 km
Guillena 42 km
Badajoz 177 km
Minas de Riotinto 29 km

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