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Villages in Sevilla

El Coronil

Villages in Sevilla

El Coronil

El Coronil is a town of the Sevilla province located in the region La Campiña, it is 61 kilometers from the capital. Rivers Guadalete or the steam Salado crosses its township (Dam of Torre del Águila). The city center is in the north area of the village and is bordered on the Motorway A-376.

The township, with a extended shape, and a distance of 26,05 kilometres among its extremes North and South, borders with Utrera (North and West), Arahal (North-West) and Montellano (East), in Sevilla; and it borders with Villamartín (South West), Algodonales (extreme South) and Puerto Serrano (South East), in Cádiz.

The original nucleus had a small number of houses round the castle and the church. The first expansions are carried out round an axis Northeast- Southeast occupying the edge of the promontory in which this town is located.This structure of the village that is linear it is only transformed during the civil postwar period,in which it is produce an important growth towards the south, in the area Las Malvinas,that has an urban orthogonal structure with small blocks of single-family houses.The expansions towards the east are more recent, and they are supported by the State School and the Municipal Sports centre. It is also of new building (the eighties) the Park of Barranco which has been a dignification of the main access to the city from the provincial capital.

El Coronil Monuments

Castle of las Aguzaderas
Church of Ntra. Sra. de la Consolación
Cultural Centre (Casa de la Cultura)
Chapel of Ntra. Sra. de los Remedios
Castle of CoronilEl Coronil
The Convent
The Hermitage
House of “la Marcela”
Town Hall

El Coronil Gastronomy

Sausages: Blood sausage and hard pork sausage.
Red Peppers. Tagarninas (Spanish oyster plant). Dish of mixed asparagus. Roast Meat. Stuffed Sirloin. Stuffed artichokes. Cabrillas (a kind of fish) with juice.

How to get there

To El Coronil we can go through the Motorway A-376

Distances from El Coronil

Sevilla 61 km
Utrera 20 km
Montellano 15 km
Villamartín 38 km
Algodonales 43 km

El Coronil

Virgen de los Remedios Square

El Coronil Town Hall

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