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Monuments in Sevilla

El Cuervo de Sevilla – Parish Church of San Jose

Monuments in Sevilla

Parish Church of San Jose

The Parish Church of San Jose is located in the Avenida de Jerez, near the Staging Post, in the Andalusian town of El Cuervo de Sevilla.

It is located in the lands donated by Mr. Andrés Sánchez de Alba in July the 14th of 1927. On June 11th of 1928 it was communicated to the parish priest of Lebrija that the works of the parish church had to begin immediately. The works started on June 25th of 1928 when the first stone was placed. The church was built being cardinal Eustaquio Ilundain y Esteban, known as Cardinal Ilundain and his coat of arms appears at the main gate. The construction was made by “Construcciones Sevilla S. A”. The work ended in the same year.

The church has not a defined style and it presents the pattern of the typical buildings of the period.

The blessing of the temple was on November the 30th of 1928 at 10 a.m., being dedicarted to the honour of the Patriarch Saint Joseph and the Virgin of “El Rosario”. The ceremony was celebrated acting as patron his Lordship Laureano Toval, canon of Lebrija; and with the presence of Mr. Francisco Ramos Martín, parish priest of Lebrija, clergi, Franciscan friars and numerous public.

The first mass was celebrated by a Franciscan, reverend father Guardián on March 8th of 1929. The baptismal font was decreed on December of 1928. It started being an independent parish of Lebrija in the year 1956. The last renovation was accomplished in the year 1997, starting the work on March 31th of the same year and ending the same day of the year 1998. The developer of the restoration was Mr. Sebastián García Badía, parish priest of the locality. The renovation was possible thanks to the contribution realized by the archbishopric, in the first place, the city ahll and the contributions of individuals.

The renovation has been accomplished by the architecs Mr. José Delgado Herrera and Mr. Juan Dominguez Ruiz. The following structures have been developed according to the functional needs of the parish:

  1. Original Nave
  2. Extension Nave
  3. Presbytery
  4. Tabernacle Chapel
  5. Sacristy
  6. Hall

The altar is located in the maing wing where the mass is celebrated and it is also the place reserved for the parishioners. In the same wing we can observe six stained glass windows that represent four evangelists, one represents the word of God (the Gospel) and the last one represents the Eucharist (the body and blood of Christ).

In the altar the church presents a crucified Christ that is a carving dating from this century and a Saint Joseph donated by the Cardinal Ilundain. In the lower part on the right we find the baptismal font that is the original one since the parish church exists.

As we enter the parish church, through the maing gate, we have one of the enlarged wings on the right and here we can observe three stained glasse windows which represent scenes of the Virgin Mary: The Annunciation, the Birth of Christ and Whitsun. At the back we can observe The Virgin of “El Rosario”, patronsaint of “El Cuervo”, the carving dates from the 18th century and the Virgin was brought from a convent of a closed order of “Arcos” (Cadiz) in the years 1943 or 1944.

On the leftwing, from the entrance, we find the Tabernacle-Chapel, where we can see the image of a Resurrected Christ that belonged to “El Puerto de Santa María”. The image was carved in the year 1988 by José Orando who went of procession in the Holy Week of “El Puerto” with the Young Parochial Association of the Resurrected Christ. In this chapel we can see a stained glass window which represents the Holy Spirit, made in the image and likeness of the one placed behind the baldachin of Bernini in The Vatican. The baldachin is the place from which the Pope celebrates mass.

Finally we have to say that the patron saints of the parish church are Saint Joseph and the Virgin of “El Rosario”.

Parish Church of San Jose - El Cuervo de Sevilla

Parish Church of San Jose

Parish Church of San Jose

El Cuervo Town Hall

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