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Monuments in Sevilla

El Cuervo de Sevilla – Staging Post

Monuments in Sevilla

Staging Post (Casa de Postas)

The Staging Post is located in the Avenida de Jerez, just a couple of minutes from the Parish Church of San José, in the Andalusian town of El Cuervo de Sevilla.

The Staging Post of El Cuervo is a singular building and we use its image to represent and identify our village.

Historic notes and anecdotes surround this 18th century building that is supposed to be the first construction of the area.

In the General Rules, dictated by His Majesty the King Mr. Felipe V, on April 23rd 1720, what we contemplate what is called the Carrera or Camino Real, from Madrid to Cádiz by Toledo, Ciudad REAL, Córdoba, Écija, Carmona, Seville , Lebrija, Jerez, Puerto de Santa María and Cádiz. However, the stage between Seville and Cadiz was too distressing for the cavalries and more when the coaches were introduced, carriages of the greatest weight and difficulty, since the ordinance indicated that only travel during the day, sun. It was necessary to create the Casa de Postas de El Cuervo to get out of the day.

It is located in the margin of the National highway IV, almost in the limit of the provinces of Seville and Cadiz. The building occupies 2016 square meters of constructed elements 1260.

The original construction responds to a perimeter cradle with a two-storey roof of Arabian tile, central courtyard and well that part belonging  this area to the former inn-inn. It was used to change the chivalry and as a hostel for travelers. It was an obligatory stop after so many miles to replenish the forces of the primitive couriers and travelers of the errands.
In the book “La Patria de Lebrija” by the historian D. José Bellido Ahumida.

“On March 1, 1796, Lebrija left King Carlos IV with the Queen and the Infante who had left a Seville to visit the tomb of San Fernando and seek the cure of the Prince of Asturias. They had left Utrera the same day and arrived at Jerez at 12:30 pm the next day he continued to Cadiz, where they stayed until day 5.

“On June 13, 1823, he was also mayor of the second ballot, Diego Sánchez – Pabón, Fernando VII passed to Cadiz, where he had been ordered to be transferred to the provisional Regency in Seville by Congress for this single act, and some Days after 19 to 24, they crossed in the same sense as the so-called “One hundred thousand sons of St. Louis sent by the King of France to restore absolutism on Spanish soil, whose Generalissimo, the Duke of Angouleme, came to congratulate him on The Port of Santa Maria a commission of the City council presided over by Diego de Soto and Tejero. During the stay of the Frenchman in the province of Cadiz, Lebrija was obliged to help with transportation, straw assortments, blood hospital mats, street lamps for street lighting and other effects. Horses for the Post, who needed eight permanents in the Post House of El Cuervo, having reached the conclusion that in September there were only cattle breeders, for having died or was rendered useless in the service of the others. Complained in  vain, Lord, chief of the French posts, Monsieur Regnon. ”

“On December 3, 1848, the council agreed that the Regidor Francisco Javier Vélez de Gusrara and the Secretary, accompanied to the Infanta Maria Luisa Fernanda during their transit through the term who was served lunch at the Post House of El Cuervo, Which imports 6602 real coins. ”

These are the few historical data that they have on this building.

The success and avatars that have passed later by the House of Postcards we know them by oral transmission. After the decadence of the diligences, the entire military barracks was located and later in the barracks of the civil guard. Apparently Mr. Villacieros buys the building, which leases it to a family of Lebrija used as an oil mill, grain store and also flour mill. This is why the Cuerveños also know the building as the Mill, denomination that has been passing from generation to generation. It is also known that it was an oil and grocery distribution warehouse.

Staging Post

Staging Post - El Cuervo de Sevilla

El Cuervo Town Hall

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    Me gustaría conocer algo de la reciente historia de esta estupenda rehabilitación y ampliación. Parece mentira pero es fácil encontrar muchos datos históricos sobre la importancia de la antigua Casa de Postas y hasta el momento me ha sido imposible saber algo sobre el proyecto y la obra de reforma realizada hace escasos diez años y que tan buenos resultados en cuanto a diseño y construcción han tenido. Ni siquiera el arquitecto o arquitectos autores aparecen mencionados en ningún lugar al que yo haya podido acceder. A la espera de su ayuda, muchas gracias.

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