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Villages in Sevilla

El Garrobo

Villages in Sevilla

El Garrobo

El Garrobo is located in the northwest quadrant of the province of Sevilla, occupying an area of transition between the regions of Aljarafe and the Sierra Norte. In 1996 it had a population of 761 inhabitants. The small village is located in Sierra de Zapateros.

Little is known about its more distant past, although in its municipal territory there was found “lytic” material for the Chalcolithic period.

During the War of Independence, the town was completely burned by the French inhabitants to resist the invaders.

It belonged to the Castillo de las Guardas until it got its independence and become independent having reached the administrative category of “Villa” a few years ago.

El Garrobo Monuments

Templo Parroquial de la Inmaculada, known as “la PurísimaConcepción”: The building has a single nave and in its top part the presbytery, with a semicircular apse, reinforced by buttresses. This provision of the central nave and presbytery is identical to that of the parish church of Guillena. With the only difference that the church of Garrobo has a single nave and the one of Guillena has three.

The roof is made of wooden and the presbytery has two domes, one rectangular and one fan, both with rib. Interestingly, this was nothing more than a village and built this church in the XV century, yet when styling the Mudejar style, it was expanded in the XVI and XVIII centuries.

The altarpiece is chaired by La Inmaculada, with San Juan Bautista on one side and in the other San Buenaventura, from the XVIII century. On the right side there is an altar to the Virgen de la Estrella. In the Baptistery the stack is from the XVII century. On the left wall the altar of San Antonio de Padua has on the top a curious devoted scene. It appeared painted the image of the Santísima Trinidad and its characters, which probably was defrayed by the altar, from the XVIII century.

In the sacristy there are paintings depicting the life of the Virgin Mary. Returning to the main altar, to the head of the church, in order to complete the scenes from the life of the Virgin with which ends up in the attic that altarpiece that depicts in relief the Desposorios of the Virgin with San José, relief inspired in another that is located in Sevilla, in the chapel of the Capuchinos monks from the Street Jovellanos.

El Garrobo Gastronomy

Migas. Gazpacho. Almorraque (roasted peppers, tomato, onion, dive garlic).

Sweets: Pestiños.

El Garrobo – How to get there

From Sevilla take the national road N630 towards Extremadura, pass Pajanosas and a few miles you are going to find the junction with Las Nieves, also signposted towards Portugal and Aracena where we will turn to the right where it connects with Highway N 433.

From Extremadura by the National Highway 630, pass through El Ronquillo, passing by the old Cuesta de la Media Fanega and once exceeded the Venta del Alto, turn right where it connects with Highway N 433.

From Portugal though Vila Nova de San Bento towards Rosal de la Frontera, is the road N 433, we pass next to Cortegana for Aracena, heading to Sevilla, a few miles from Arroyo de la Plata, and before you reach the junction with the national road 630 is the town.

Distances from El Garrobo

Nerva 41 km
Sevilla 39 km
Huelva 100 km
Aracena 49 km
Guillena 24 km
La Aulaga 26 km
El Castillo de las Guardas 19 km

El Garrobo Town Hall

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