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Villages in Córdoba

El Guijo

Villages in Córdoba

El Guijo – Pedroches Region

El Guijo is a small village under the jurisdiction of the (comarca) region of Pedroches, to the north of the province of Cordoba, bordering Ciudad Real, where the oak pastures used for livestock are an eternal element of the landscape. Among these green lands lies a small village sitting amid the plains and preserving the architectural characteristics of its region.

The foundation of El Guijo can be placed between the end of the twelfth and early thirteenth centuries, when the inhabitants of El Villar de Santa Maria, located in the Cerro de Majadalaiglesia, abandoned that region, possibly due to the Islamic invasion.

It was in the Middle Ages when the first reference to El Guijo was noted, this being made by Alfonso VIII on September 22, 1189, referring to the definition of the terms of jurisdiction in the area belonging to the Order of Calatrava, “..apud Guixo quod est super el Villar de Santa Maria…. ” “…. The head of El Guijo is over El Villar de Santa Maria  …”.

Qualified as a “place” at the end of S. XIII, its population was integrated within the Lordship of Santa Eufemia, this evolution passing through the XIV and XV centuries.

Over the latter centuries, El Guijo was very important at farming level, and it was at this time that the region passed under that of la Cañada de la Mesta and it was also granted grazing rights for cattle entering the diocese of Cordoba.

Possibly the “Cortijo” existed within the Cerro de Majadalaiglesia, wherein is located the same place where once stood el Villar de Santa Maria, origin of the first “guijeños”.

El Guijo Monuments

Santa Maria Parish Church XVI century.
Ermita de la Virgen de las Cruces (Shrine of the Virgen de las Cruces)  XVI century).


Archaeological site of Majadaiglesia.
Early Christian Baptismal font in the chapel of the Virgen de las Cruces.

El Guijo Gastronomy

Relleno (ingredients in this tasty sausage are ham, meat, eggs and parsley).
Sweets: Rosca de piñonate (the ingredients are eggs, sugar, oil, lemon juice or grated, flour, milk and honey).


Out of Cordoba . Continue: N-432, passing El Vacar. Follow signs to Alcaracejos. After passing Alcaracejos take A-423 and pass Pozoblanco. Continue: CP-103 and continue until El Guijo.

Distances from El Guijo

Cordoba 97 km
Dos Torres 16 km
Pedroche 8.5 km
Conquista 29 km
Torrecampo 11km
Alcaracejos 25 km
Pozoblanco 15 km
Santa Eufemia 18 km
Villanueva de Cordoba 26 km

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