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Water Dams in Málaga

El Limonero Dam

Water Dams in Málaga

El Limonero Dam & Reservoir, Málaga

The El Limonero Dam and Reservoir is located on the outskirts of Málaga city, situated on the Guadalmina river and belons to the Cuenca Mediterránea Andaluza.

The El Limonero dam was constructed about 2.5 km downstreem of the El Agujero Dam and its reservoir flooded partially her body.

The main objective of this dam is the lamination of the avenues of the Guadalmina river, but also serves as a supply source for supplying the city of Málaga.

Its basin covers an area of 166 km2 and an annual average contribuiton of 15 hm3.

The dam type is loose materials and plant with core curve. It has a crest length of 414 m, a height over foundation of 95 m and a height above the bed of 76 m.

The reservoir has a volume of 25 hm3 and an area of 105 hectares. The affected river length is 5 km.

Its spillway is located on the right abutment, fixed-lip type. The lip cota is 109 m.s.n.m. and hes discharge length is 10 m.

El Limonero Dam - Málaga

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