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Villages in Sevilla

El Madroño

Villages in Sevilla

El Madroño

The municipality of El Madroño is situated in the extreme northwest of the province of Seville, being bordered with Huelva. It sits among the foothills of Sierra Morena. Its population in 1996 amounted to 402 people, half of whom lived in the urban centre. Within the municipality are the villages of El Alamo and Villargordo.

Its name comes from the large amount of strawberries found in the area where the first settlement began. Until 1921it was under the jurisdiction of El Castillo de las Guardas . In this year it was constituted as an independent municipality. The villages of El Alamo, Anton Juan, Juan Gallego and Villagordo are all under its jurisdiction.

Human presence in this land dates back to prehistoric times. Since ancient times, man has exploited the mineral wealth of the region, as in the cases of the Tartessions, Phoenicians and Romans.

In the Middle Ages, the area was home to several villages devoted to the raising of cattle.

El Madroño Monuments

Church of San Blas
Chapel of the Cross
Roman Bridge

El Madroño Directions

By Road
– From Seville on the Carretera Nacional No. 630 in the direction of Extremadura, pass Las Pajanosas  before reaching La Venta Del Alto and take the road to Las Nieves, also signposted to Portugal, where you join the N 433, pass through Arroyo de la Plata, and head towards El Castillo de los Guardas by the A 476, pass through it and continue in the direction of the Las Minas del Castillo and La Aulaga, by the C 421 you will pass La Aldea de Juan Anton, after 9 kilometres you will find El Madroño.

– From Huelva by Zalamea, Nerva and from this town take the road to El Madrono, approximately 10 kilometres.

– From Portugal from Vila Nova de São Bento, Cortegana take the N 433 towards Jabugo, then the N 435 that will take you to the village of Tralasierra, then turn left by the A 461 road towards El Campillo and Nerva, from here, is indicated the road to El Madrono, approximately 10 kilometres.

Distances from El Madroño

Nerva 9.5 km
Sevilla 78 km
Riotinto 13 km
Aracena 52 km
La Garrobo 40 km
Valverde del Camino 39 km
El Castillo de Las Guardas 23 km

El Madroño Town Hall

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