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Estepona Monuments, Watchtowers Málaga

El Padron Tower

Estepona Monuments, Watchtowers Málaga

El Padron Tower, Estepona

The El Padron Tower is located in the Andalusian municipality of Estepona, next to the Kempinski Hotel and the beach.

500 years a go, the coastline of Andalusia was often attacked by North African and Turkish pirates.  Its people did not wish to take part in repopulating the area given that the pirates captured the area´s inhabitants to sell them as slaves, looting their belongings.

To defend themselves against these pirate landings, the Christians started up a defence system based on a series of towers from which smoke signals were given of during the day and light at night serving to quickly warn of an enemy landing.

This towers are know as beacons, watchtowers or lookout towers and although such systems were in existence prior to this date and had been since the Muslim era, it was the Christians who designed and built a network of towers which defended the entire coastline.

Municipal District of Estepona

Built: second half of the XVIth Century (1575)

El Padron Tower


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