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Viewpoints of Andalucia

El Peñón Viewpoint

Viewpoints of Andalucia

El Peñón Viewpoint – Istán

El Peñón Viewpoint is located in the town of Istán. You can access it by going up the C/ Pablo Picasso (street), shortly before entering C/ Granados (street).

From here the stream forms both the Rio Verde and the Rio Molinos, whose name derives from the various mills that are situated along its banks. In the distance one can see the majestic mountain range of the Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park.

Look at the Valley of the Río Verde (Green River), the southern frontier of the Nature Park of Sierra de las Nieves (Snow Mountains). Istán is one of the gates to this natural space. The Río Verde runs down at the foot of the Sierra Real (Royal Mountains), which is in front of you. Its source lies in the mountains of Tolox, within the nature park, and emerges from subsoil formed of limestone which, like a sponge, absorbs all rainwater in the area. It never dries up during summer.

The Río Verde (Green River) receives its name because of its greenish color of its water. This color is beacuse of the presence of microscopy alga named “cianofícea” or green-bluish. This alga contritutes the oxygenation of river water, making these waters pure and clean. On the borders of the Río Verde you will find lush forest of cork oak and Andalusian oaks, home to the otter and roe deer. On the higher and colder slopes of the nature park grows the pinsapo (andalusian fir tree), a unique botanical jewel.

The pinsapo is a survivor of the last ice age which held Europe in its icey grip for thousands of years. In these forests you have the chance to meet the Spanish ibex, a wild mountain goat. If you are observant, watch the sky: maybe the Bonelli´s eagle flies over, one of the most threatened birds of prey of the Mediterranean. The Sierra de las Nieves (Snow Mountains) nature park is considered a Biosphere Reserve by the UN because of its quantity and variety of biological treasures. Enjoy it!!

El Peñón Viewpoint - Istán

El Peñón Viewpoint - Istán

El Peñón Viewpoint - Istán

Istán Town Hall

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