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Villages in Granada

El Pinar

Villages in Granada

El Pinar, Pinos del Valle, Izbor, Lecrin Valley

El Pinar is to be found in the Valley Lecrin within the ‘Alpujarra Granadina’, at the foot of the heights of Santo Cristo del Zapato (Monte Chinchirina).

Within the municipality of El Pinar are grouped together, as often happened in the Arab ‘tahas’, the villages of Pinos del Valle and Izbor.

Although there are some indications which suggest a population settlement here long before Islamic rule, it is certain that it was during this historical period that the population increased and one of the population centres, Izbor, was included. The name Izbor is clearly of Arabic origin.

Its location in the middle of the Lecrin Valley, on the way to the coast, and the quality of agricultural products grown in what is now the municipality of El Pinar play an important role in the supply of Granada. Also this location led to the town playing an important role in the uprising of the Moors in the sixteenth century, the defeat of which led to almost total depopulation of the town when the conflict ended with the expulsion of the followers of Abén Humeya. Currently, in the style of the Andalusian government, jurisdiction consists of two distinct urban enclaves, as if it were a Moorish taha, these being Pinos del Valle and Izbor.


Iglesia Parroquial de la Inmaculada (Parish Church)
Iglesia de la Concepción. (Church of the Conception)
Iglesia de Santiago (Church of Santiago)
San Sebastián Hermitage.
Hermitage of Santo Cristo del Zapato

Town planning
Urban areas very unique in the Moorish structure, with no impact of new construction.
Monte del Santo Cristo del Zapato.
Puentes de Izbor (bridges)

El Pinar Gastronomy

Tortillas with beans and casseroles, and desserts made with almonds from the large almond plantations of the locality.


Exit Granada towards Armilla. Exit Armilla and continue until Ogíjares. Through Puntal. Continue to Maracena and follow the carreterra Bailen – Motril. Cross Cuesta de la Valdesa. Arrive in  Dúrcal, exit and continue along: E-902 / A-44. Take the exit towards: Exit 164 – Béznar – A-348, Lanjaron – Alpujarra. At the roundabout, take exit 4 heading to Pinos del Valle.


Granada 41 km
Izbor 9 km
Padula 21km
Motril 32 km
Dúrcal 14 km
Béznar 6 km
Órgiva 21km
Lanjaron 12 km
Velez de Benaudalla 18km

El Pinar, Valle de Lecrín

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  1. Txikiguagua escribio:

    Izbor es un pueblito pequeño metido en un valle el cual me encantó. Sus habitantes son muy amables y su trato fue muy familiar,

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