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Villages in Sevilla

El Real de la Jara

Villages in Sevilla

El Real de la Jara

The town of El Real de la Jara is located at the northwest corner of the province of Sevilla, being adjacent to Huelva and the Autonomous Community of Extremadura. Its municipal district is included in the region of the Sierra Norte and the Natural Park with the same name. In 1996 it had a population of 1,761 inhabitants.

This small village is located in an area of rugged topography, being surrounded by hills to the north and south. This may encourage that its morphology is basically linear, elongated from east to west, and developed on both sides of the crossing of the road that joins the towns of Santa Olalla del Cala (for the west) and Almadén de la Plata (for the east).

Although its origins date back from the Roman age, it will be in Al-Andalus period when it had a greater role due to its strategic location. During this period it will be called Xara.
The Christian conquest was carried out by Fernando III.

In 1498 the Catholic Monarchs granted it the title of Royal because of its participation in the war of Granada, and a Royal Charter, many privileges and exemptions.

El Real de la Jara Monuments

El Real de la Jara Castle
Church of San Bartolomé
Hermitage of Ntra. Sra. de los Remedios
Archaeological Sites
Arab fortresses

El Real de la Jara Gastronomy

Iberian pork products (ham, chorizo, blood sausage, pork loin, sausage). Sopeao (garlic, tomato, cucumber, bread, broth, oil, vinegar). Caldillo (onion, parsley, spices, garlic, liver, white wine).

How to get there

You have to exit Sevilla. In the area around Camas, turn right: E-803 / A-66 towards Aeropuerto-Todas direcciones-Mérida-Córdoba-SE-30-E-803-N-630-E-5-A-4. Pass near Camas. Then take: E-803 / N-630, Travesía de Urbanización Entremontes. Cross Santa Olalla del Cala. Take: A-463 until you get El Real de la Jara.

Distances from the town

Zufre 25 km
Sevilla 77 km
El Pedroso 61 km
Monesterio 32 km
Cazalla de la Sierra 47 km
Almadén de la Plata 16 km
Santa Olalla del Cala 8,5 km
El Castillo de las Guardas 51 km

El Real de la Jara

El Real de la Jara Town Hall

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