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Villages in Sevilla

El Rubio

Villages in Sevilla

El Rubio

The andalusian town of El Rubio is located in the Sierra Sur, to 102 kilometres from the capital and 18 km from the regional head. It has an area of 20.72 km2. It belongs to the region of the Sierra Sur and the Osuna judicial district. Its population is 3,700 inhabitants according to the census carried out in the year 2001.

El Rubio limits with the Andalusian municipalities of Écija, Osuna, Marinaleda and Estepa.

Its origin may comes from the Roman period, from a farm called Fundus Rubeus and that during Visigoth period it would become the current name of El Rubio.

During the Roman period it was located on the road between Estepa and Écija, through which passed a Roman road. In this period there were found remains from Roman villas and tombs.

It was a farmhouse belonging to the Duchy of Osuna, until in the XIX century in establishing an independent municipality.

El Rubio Monuments

Church of Ntra. Sra. del Rosario
Hermitage of El Cerro de la Cabeza


Potaje (chickpeas, garlic, tomato, oil). Salmorejo.

Sweets: Arroz con leche (Rice pudding). Ochios. Magdalenas.

How to get there

You have to exit Sevilla, take: E-5 / A-4, then the exit towards: Salida 511 – Carmona Parador- El Viso del Alcor. Cross Carmona. Continue along: A-380. Cross Marchena and continue to: SE-707, turn left: SE-706. Cross Lantejuela and take: SE-708. Turn left: A-351. Turn right: SE-725. Turn left: SE-726 and continue until you get to the town.

Distances from the town

Estepa 16 km
Osuna 23 km
Sevilla 103 km
Paradas 56 km
Lantejuela 24 km
Marchena 42 km
La Puebla de Cazalla 39 km

El Rubio Town Hall

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