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Villages in Sevilla

El Saucejo

Villages in Sevilla

El Saucejo

The municipality of El Saucejo is located in the south-eastern sector of the province of Sevilla, being adjacent to Málaga and belonging to the region of the Southern Highlands.
It is the capital of a small region consists of eight entities: Navarredonda, La Mezquitilla, Algibón, Garzón, La Lebrona, Las Monjas, Postero and Saucedilla.

The main centre is located at the confluence of several roads and highways, which together with Osuna (north), with Los Corrales (east), with Almargen (Málaga province, southeast), with Algámitas (southwest) and Mezquitilla village (west).

The original name might have been the one of Puebla del Saucejo.

It was located in the border zone between Moors and Christians. It remained uninhabited until the Duchy of Osuna repopulated it in the late XVI century. The population began settling around the cottages to be forming villages in the XVII century led to El Saucejo. In 1661 it had its current name.

El Saucejo Monuments

Los Baldíos
La Saucedilla
Archaeological Sites
Fuente de la Mezquitilla
Fuente de los Tres Caños
Parish Church of San Marcos Evangelista
Restos de industrias paleolíticas de sílex (Río Carbones)


Olives. Golden thistle stew (chickpeas, potatoes, chopped thistles, sausage, bacon, lean, salt and pepper). Log cabbage (bacon, lard, beans, chickpeas, spinach, hock, chorizo). Artichokes.

How to get there

From Sevilla take the A 92 to Osuna and then take the A 441.
From Granada, Málaga, Antequera take the A 382 and in Almargen take the A 441.
From Ronda the A 376 to Algodonales, take the A 382 to Almargen and take the A 441.

Distances from El Saucejo

Utrera 79 km
Osuna 27 km
Sevilla 107 km
Antequera 54 km
La Puebla de Cazalla 43 km
Morón de la Frontera 43 km

El Saucejo, Plaza Cardenal Spinola,

El Saucejo Town Hall

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