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Villages in Huelva

Escacena del Campo

Villages in Huelva

Escacena del Campo

Escacena del Campo is a village located in the Comarca del Condado, east of the province. Its landscape is formed from rich earth ideal for cereal agriculture, vineyards and olive groves.

Bordering municipalities: El Madroño, Aznalcóllar, Sanlúcar la Mayor, Castilleja del Campo, Chucena, Manzanilla, Paterna del Campo y Berrocal.

Prehistoric remains have been discovered in the area, which indicate civilisations existed long before the Roman occupation. These remains are from the Bronze age, the Turdetani (an ancient (pre-Roman people of the Iberian Peninsula) the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians. However, no one can speak of Escacena without referring to Tejada, a Roman city known as also known as Ituci, and of comparable importance to Italica. Ituci is believed to have been the wife of Trajan, the famous Andalusian who became Roman Emperor par excellence. Tejada saw the growth of smaller settlements around it; however, for no apparent reason it was deserted or depopulated and became an empty city that inherited wealth, crops, livestock.

Escacena del Campo Monuments

Parochial Church of the Divine Salvador, declared of Historical-Artistic interest.

San Isidro Labrador Hermitage

Tejada la Vieja Archaeological Site

Escacena del Campo Gastronomy

Chickpea stew.
Sweets: Orejitas de habas. Ears of beans.

Getting There

Exit Huelva. Take A-5000. Crossing San Juan del Puerto. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit Continue on: A-472. Go through Niebla y Villarrasa. . Turn right: Carretera de Sevilla. Go through La Palma del Condado. On the outskirts of Villalba del Alcor, take Calle de Blas Infante. Head for Villalba del Alcor. Go round Manzanilla. Turn left: HV-7008. Enter Escacena del Campo.

Distances from Escacena del Campo

Tejada 5 km
Niebla 30 km
Sevilla 42 km
Huelva 58 km
Chucena 7 km
Villalba del Alcor 10 km
Paterna del Campo 2 km
Castilleja del Campo 9 km

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