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Villages in Córdoba


Villages in Córdoba

Espejo – Córdoba

Espejo is a town in the province of Córdoba, Andalucía, Spain. In 2005 it had 3.797 inhabitants. Its surface area is 57 km ² and has a density of 66,6 inhabitants per km ². Its geographical coordinates are 37 ° 41 ‘N, 4 ° 33’ W. It is located at an altitude of 423 metres and 33 kilometres from the capital, Córdoba. The municipality limits with Castro del Río, Montilla and Nueva Carteya.

According to Menéndez Pidal and other researchers, the present town corresponds to the “Ucubi” of the Iberians, who subsequently its name was Latinized to “Attubi” and that as a reward for its attitude in the civil war, Caesar became a “colony immune”.
In the Arab civilization it was called “Al-Calat”.

Its foundation in medieval times is based in the place was a direct inheritance, belonging to the family Pay Arias from 1260, as a reward for their work in the reconquest.
In 1304 in Benavente, Pay Arias de Castro granted a favour of Fernando IV to repopulate the place.

The consecration of the manor was made in 1309 when Pay Arias de Castro, Fernando IV’s special ambassador in Avignon, before Pope Clemente V, obtained bull in which it is granted the property taxes of a league radius of his castle in Espejo.

Before this period the place was known by the name of “Aleola” until in 1303 the king changed it by Espeio. The consecutive names that the place received were: Torres de Pay Arias, Alcalá, Espeio, Espexo and Espejo.

Espejo Monuments

Castle from the XIV century.

Parroquia de San Bartolomé (XV century), gothic-mudejar style.

Archaeological Sites

Roman building of El Aljibe.

Parroquial, with an important patrimony of goldsmithing.

Espejo Gastronomy

Cold meat (emphasizing especially the sausages and blood sausages). Lomo a la naranja. Rice. Stewed snails. Espejo’s kitchen uses as basic ingredient almonds, hence to develop many sauces and sweets with this ingredient.

Sweets: Cuajado. Bollos de leche. Hojaldres de manteca y harina. Sultanas. Duquesitas. Magdalenas. Pestiños. Mostachones.

How to get there

You have to exit Córdoba. At the roundabout, take the salida 2 and continue: Carretera to Granada. Continue: N-432. Alleyway of Santa Cruz and then you get to the town.

Distances from Espejo

Baena 26 km
Montilla 14 km
Córdoba 36 km
La Rambla 31 km
Montemayor 17 km
Doña Mencía 40 km
Castro del Río 8,5 km
Fernán Núñez 20 km
Nueva Carteya 16 km
Montalbán de Córdoba 29 km

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