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Villages in Córdoba


Villages in Córdoba

Espiel – Guadiato Valley

Espiel is a town situated to the north of the province of Cordoba, in the valley of Guadiato ( Embalse de Puente Nuevo or New Bridge Reservoir ), 50 kilometres from the capital. Within the municipality are the barriadas of El Vacar and Fuente Agria. The population is 2,833 inhabitants (1990).

Espiel seems to be seated on the “Siciliana Romana”, archaeological remains of Roman culture are abundant in the area.

In the early thirteenth century there existed the castle of today, which was donated by Ferdinand III to Cordoba.

In 1650 the town of Espiel was purchased by Juan Jiménez de Góngora, Knight of the Order of Calatrava, who became the Marquis de Almodóvar. Carlos III confirmed the grant in favor of Don Pedro de Cordoba y Luján.


San Sebastian Parish Church.
Virgen de la Estrella Shrine.


Visigoth ruins at Cerro del Gesmo.
Remains of the castle of El Vacar.

Ofrebreria cordobesa, in silver seventeenth century.

Bembézar Dam

Espiel Gastronomy

Stewed rabbit and hare. Fried frog’s legs. Hornazo (breaded meat, the ingredients are: bread dough, sausage, ham, marinated beef tenderloin and cooked eggs).

Out of Cordoba. Continue: N-432. Pass El Vacar. Follow signs to the locality.


Obejo 28km
Belmez 22 km
Cordoba 48 km
Villaharta 15 km
Villanueva del Rey 17km
Villaviciosa de Cordoba 26 km
Peñarroya – Pueblonuevo 30 km

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