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Estepona Monuments

Estepona – Clock Tower

Estepona Monuments

Estepona Clock Tower – 16th Century

The Clock Tower is located in the center of the town, in the Plaza del Reloj (Clock Square), between the Town Hall, the San Luis Castle and the impressive Church of the Remedies.

It is the tower of the old Church of Los Remedios, built in the 16th century.

After the earthquake in 1755, the churh is seriously damaged, being subsequently demolished and only the tower remained.

In the 18th century a Neoclassical style belfry is added, decorated with garlands, volutes and a high relief representing an ox skull.

The Torre del Reloj gards the square with the same name and witnesses all the festive and musical events taking place there.

Estepona Clock Tower - 16th Century - Costa del Sol

Estepona Clock Tower

More about the Clock Tower

During the 16th century, after the Christian conquest, the settlers of the town built the Iglesia de los Remedios, with its square tower and very simple appearance, similar to the defensive towers. On the south side of the tower there is a sundial, which, from then on, marks the passing of time for the people of Estepona. At the beginning of the 18th century, a neoclassical style bell tower was added, decorated with ceramic elements. The 1755 earthquake caused the ruin and subsequent demolition of the church, leaving the tower free from then on. At the beginning of the 20th century, an imposing clock was placed inside it, which, with its bell rings, continues to mark the rhythm of time in the streets of the old town. Read more…

Estepona Clock Tower

Estepona Clock Tower

Clock Tower - Estepona

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