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Estepona Monuments

Estepona House of Tejerinas

Estepona Monuments

Estepona – House of Tejerinas

House of Tejerinas

18th Century

The House of Tejerinas is located in the Plaza de las Flores, in the andalusian town of Estepona, on the Costa del Sol.

Is a rectangular building of unknown date of construction, and although the characteristics might fit in the eighteenth century, its origins could be earlier. The most important elements are the central court surrounded by columns, the entrance, consisting of a large space highlighted with a balcony, and a lookout tower with arches on the upper floor.

The building was owned by the sisters Carmen and Francisca Tejerina who gave it to a Charity Hospital, being used for this purpose until the Town Hall took care of it. Currently, the building has a cultural use.

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House of Tejerinas Estepona

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