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Estepona Monuments

Estepona – Town Hall

Estepona Monuments

Estepona Old Town Hall- Archaeological Museum

The Town Hall of Estepona (today is the Archaeological Museum) is located in the historical center of the town, just a couple of minutes from the Clock Tower, the San Luis Castle and the impressive Church of the Remedies.

It was built during the 18th century and purchased by the Town Council in 1853 to be used as Town Hall.

It was improved in 1944 when it gets its current design, the stairs glass windows are set, etc.

In the past the building was known as “the well house” as the basement of the courtyard houses a well of Muslim origin, of rectangular ground plan and covered by a barrel vault.

Originally it should have been placed in the nortwest tower of the Muslim fortress of Estepona, which occupied the place where the Town Hall was later built.

18th Century

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