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Villages in Córdoba

Fernán Núñez

Villages in Córdoba

Fernán Núñez – Campiña Cordobesa

Fernán Núñez is situated to the south of the province of Cordoba (Andalucia, Spain), in Campina, in open countryside.The municipality limits with Córdoba, Montemayor y La Rambla.

It lies at a distance from the capital of 30 kilometres and at an altitude of 323 metres above sea level. The area of the municipality is just over 30.3 square kilometres and it has a population of about 9,502 inhabitants. (2006)

Fernán Núñez is situated in the comarca of Campina Sur, Cordoba, characterized by rolling hills, planted with corn that resembles a rolling sea, with some smaller plantations of olive grove. The intensive agricultural use which these lands have undergone since ancient times has given the area it’s the current landscape, endless open fields, devoid of trees or other vegetation.

In ancient times it was part of the Ibero-Roman city of “Ulia.”
The origin of the current name dates from the thirteenth century, when the Christians conquered these lands and the name was one of those given to a Muslim lookout tower located there.
It was founded in 1382, under the stewardship of Don Diego Gutierrez de los Rios, under the privilege of Juan 1st.

Remaining in the hands of Gutierrez de los Rios, it was constituted el Condad in 1639 and then Ducado in 1815, according to qualifications awarded by Ferdinand VII in favor of Carlos Jose Gutierrez de los Rios.

Fernán Núñez Monuments

Palacio Ducal (Doge’s Palace) and its surroundings, which date back to 1783, last reconstruction, an ancient fortress.
Iglesia Paroquial (Parish Church) of Santa Marina de Aguas Santas, late fourteenth century, baroque, simile of San Hipolito in Cordoba and la Cartuja in Granada.
Iglesia Veracruz (Church)
Ermita Calvario (Chapel)
Ermita de la Caridad (Chapel)
Ermita San Sebastian (Chapel)
Eighteenth-century altarpieces.


Iberian funerary sculptures.
Aqueduct of Arab origin, on the arroyo of Perogil.


Caleja de los Arcos.
Triunfo, dedicated to the patron saint of the town.
Jardines de Palacio Ducal.
Great wealth in Eucharist gold.

Fernán Núñez Gastronomy

Traditional dishes to be found in Fernan Nunez are migas with chicharones, potatoes with cod, and maimones (garlic soup).
As for sweets, piononos of Fernan Nuñez, tea cakes, donuts, orejitas de abad and sopaipas.


Fernán Núñez is to be found on the road to the capital of the province of Cordoba, by the A-45. To Cordoba you can come from anywhere in Spain, by car, bus or train.

Distances from Fernán Núñez

Espejo 20 km
Cordoba 30 km
Montilla 15 km
Santaella 22 km
La Rambla 8 km
La Carlota 24 km
Montemayor 4.5 km
Aldea Quintana 16 km
Montalbán de Córdoba 13 km

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