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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Ferreirola, La Taha

The pretty village of Ferreirola, within the municipality of La Taha is located in the central part of the Alpujarra, in Granada, about 84 km from the provincial capital, in the southeastern Spain. This village was a separate municipality until 1975, when he joined Pitres and Mecina-Fondales to form a new city hall.

Near this village are also other villages belonging to the municipality of La Taha as: Mecina, Mecinilla, Fondales, Pitres and Capilerilla.


Church of the Holy Cross: the building has a rectangular nave and vaulted gable roof. Attached to the epistle side of the head tower rises.




Era del Trance

Era del Trance“. ERA is a Spanish word used to designate circular surfaces paved with stones, located in windy areas. Here is where farmers carried-out two fundamental tasks: threshing, separating the grain from the chaff and the straw, and wind winnowing which consists in tossing the contents into the air, thus causing the chaff to blow away while the heavier grains fall back onto the ground or threshing floor. The decline of agriculture in “la Alpujarra” has caused many of these “Eras” to fall into disuse and to be abandoned. This “Era” has been recovered so that a wonderful view of la Alpujarra and its landscape can be enjoyed by visitors.

This beautiful panoramic view of the Trevélez River Valley has unique and surprising features. In front of you, you shouldn’t have problems spotting the “escarihuela de Panjuila”. Escarihuelas are sinuous paths with slopes over 20%. These paths were used by merchants to transport, on donkey, goods like fish to the towns of the region.

In this steep gully, we can frequently see, las chorreras”, small and discontinuous waterfalls or water spouts. These water spouts only provide water to the Trevélez River after intense rains.

The everyday life of the habitants of La Alpujarra was strongly linked to its small peculiarities. For example, in the top of Los Picachos there is a bright place called La Cabrilla. From there everyone could see the town of Ferreirola. When the sun shone on this point in the summer, the habitants knew that it was 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

This place is a strategic crossroad. From here we can see the great route GR-142, which starts in Lanjarón. There is also the small route PR-299 or Medieval Route to Juviles, and the Escarihuela that leads to the Panjuila Baths, connected with the Sierra de la Contraviesa.

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  1. Jose Carmelo Caballero Miranda escribio:

    Yo naci en este pueblecito hace 75 años y es de una tranquilidad extraordinaria.

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