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Water Dams in Almeria

Fiñana Dam

Water Dams in Almeria

Fiñana Dam – Castañar de Fiñana Reservoir

The Fiñana Dam, built in the Barranco del Castañar (Chestnut Canyon), a tributary of the Nacimiento River to the let, aims for increased security to 1.400 hectares of traditional irrigations in Fiñana, Abla and Abrucena municipalities. The town of Fiñana is located at 946 m of altitude. Situated next to the A92, between Abla and Guadix, in the province of Almería, Andalusia.

The basin where it stands has an area of 0.80 km2 and receives an average annual rainfall of 270 mm, representing a contribution of 0.20 hm3 annually.


* Type of Dam: Gravity

* Height from foundation: 28 m

* Height of crown: 146 m

* Drains: 1

* Spillway: 1

* River location: Barranco del Castañar (Chestnut Canyon)

* Completion date: 1996

* Coordinates UTM 30: 0509117-4113080

Presa de Fiñana - Embalse de Fiñana - Embalse del Castañar de Fiñana - Pantano del Castañar

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