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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Fonelas, Hoya de Guadix

Fonelas can be found in the Hoya de Guadix, 65 km from the capital city of Granada, located in an area that saw the first civilizations of prehistoric man in the Iberian Peninsula, as attested by the archaeological remains found at many sites in the immediate locality.

Many archaeological sites within the locality show that the municipality of Fonelas has had human habitation since prehistoric times. Archaeological sites have been found in the Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iberian civilizations. All these findings have been studied to understand the evolution and history of man.

During Roman times it was an important town for the cultivation of vines with a wide network of roads to exploit the agriculture of the area. Fonelas formed part of the Iberian Acci, the ancient Guadix, situated near the Via Augusta.

From the 8th to the 15th century Fonelas came under the dominion of the Arabs, and gained great prominence as a land border with watchtowers for the protection of the inhabitants and their agriculture. Of these towers only four examples remain intact, these are the Torre de los Moros, the Torre del Cortijo de Cuajar, the Torre de los Cuevas de Pocico and the Torre del Cortijo de Muros. In the last years before the conquest, Christian horsemen from Cazorla harassed and staged many raids throughout the area.

Fonelas passed to the rule of the Catholic Kings, who, years later, gave the jurisdiction and revenues raised to powerful Christians, in this case to Don Alvaro de Bazán. Some time later, it was included in an estate given to the family Afan de Ribera. During this period, Fonelas controlled the local area, and owned many of the farms in the locality.

In the nineteenth century Fonelas achieved the jurisdiction of the municipality with its own Ayuntamiento or Town Hall.


Virgen de los Dolores Parish Church
Megalithic Necropolis.

Fonelas Gastronomy

Gachas,(casseroles) migas, marinated grilled and braised lamb and rabbit. Many fruits including locally grown peaches.
It is quite normal to walk through the streets and see peppers hanging from the balconies. When dry these are ground to make paprika.


Coming from Granada, take exit 294, the A – 92 and turn left towards Benalua de Guadix.
Pass Benalua, stay on the main road (A – 325) and follow the signs to Fonelas.

Distances from Fonelas

Gor 39 km
Guadix 15 km
Diezma 23 km
Huélago 16 km
Granada 65 km
Purullena 12 km
Alcudia de Guadix 24 km
Benalúa de Guadix 7.5 km
Villanueva de las Torres 22 km

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