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Water Dams in Granada

Francisco Abellán Dam

Water Dams in Granada

Francisco Abellán Dam – Reservoir

The Francisco Abellán Dam is located on the Fardes riverbed (tributary of the Guadiana Menor on its left bank), on the Peñon de los Gitanos and part of the Andalusian municipalities of La Peza and Cortes and Graena in the province of Granada.

The dam is located on the edge of the Natural Park of Huetor Santillan.

The Francisco Abellán Reservoir belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir, area of Granada and was built between 1991 and 1996.


* Irrigation
* Water Supply
* Fishing

Francisco Abellán Dam – Reservoir Features

The basin of this reservoir has an area of 184,4 km2 with an average annual rainfall of 614 mm. and an average annual contribution of 36,2 hm3.

Type of Dam: loose materials with clay core. Curve plant with a crest lenght of 250 m. and a coronation width of 13 m. Fixed spillway lip.

Botton drains type with 2 channels and drainage capacity of 58,21 m3/s.

The Francisco Abellan Reservoir has a surface n.m.n. of 226,31 hectares and capacity of 58,21 Hm3.

With the construction of the Francisco Abellan Dam 607 homes were flooded and the road Darro – La Peza was affected.

From the Francisco Abellan Dam part the Canal de la Hoya de Guadix, this channel carries the regulated waters of this dam for irrigation into the municipalities of Cortes y Graena, La Peza, Marchal, Perullena, El Bejarin, Paulenca, Guadix, Benalua de Guadix, Fonelas and Villanueva de las Torres.

Francisco Abellán Dam - Reservoir - La Peza - Cortes y Graena

Francisco Abellán Dam - Reservoir

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