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Villages in Jaen

Fuensanta de Martos

Villages in Jaen

Fuensanta de Martos, Comarca de Sierra Sur

Fuensanta de Martos is a town that belongs to Sierra Sur in which it occupies a central position, among mountainous lands, to the south and east, and the countryside, to the west and north. Its municipal district is mainly agricultural, dedicated to the cultivation of the olive that, together with the olive oil industry, constitutes the main economic activities of the town. Only a small area of the municipal district is not cultivated.

This town shares the history with its region (Alcalá la Real, Martos, Alcaudete…). The most important historic moment was the Christian-Castilian scouting party to the definitive conquest of the Kingdom in Granada.

Fuensanta de Martos became independent by the royal decree of Emancipation from the Villa de Martos signed in 1847 by Isabel II.

Monuments in Fuensanta de Martos

Parish church. 

Town Planning

Fuente Negra.
The Casino.

Fuensanta de Martos Gastronomy

Typical Dishes: Relleno de Carnaval (Stomach of pork  stuffing with mince, ham, spices, eggs, breadcrumbs…, all boiled)
Sopilla de matanza (Slaughter soup) (Clear soup with fried blood such as garnish)
Orejones (Dried peaches)
Hoyo (Crust of bread, with oil, cod, beans…)
Atascaburra (Potatoes salad, tomato, onion, oil)

How to get there

You have to exit Jaén and continue in the Motorway A-6050. Alleyway of Los Villares. Turn right in the road JV-2216. Then you get to the town.

Distances from the town

Jaén 30 km
Martos 13 km
Frailes 40 km
Alcaudete 35 km
Jamilena 20 km
Los Villares 19 km
Baños de Martos 11 km
Valdepeñas de Jaén 18 km

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