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Villages in Córdoba

Fuente la Lancha

Villages in Córdoba

Fuente la Lancha – Region of Los Pedroches

Fuente la Lancha is a municipality under the jurisdiction of the comarca (region) of Pedroches, to the north of the province. Its landscape consists of cereal and pasture lands of oak dedicated to cattle, in their midst sits the village, where stands the Iglesia (church) of Santa Catalina.

Fuente la lancha began life around the year 1480 as a village of Hinojosa. No previous writings exist relating to population centres located there. The origin of the name, ‘la Lancha’, is also from the fifteenth century, when the village grew up due to the strong population growth that occurred in the region of Pedroches.

The historian de las Casas Deza believes the name may come from any water source that was called la Lancha, which is confirmed by the name of the nearest river, Lanchar or Lanchas. Fuente la Lanchas was an aldea (hamlet or small village) of Hinojosa del Duque until during the year 1820 it achieved full independence as a municipality, upon request of the local inhabitants, being presented with the title of “villa”.

During the Civil War, the Republican XXII Army Corps camped on land belonging to Fuente la Lancha, this area saw a part of one of the last great land battles of the war: the offense of Extremadura. The Moroccan army corps took possession of Fuente in the name of the rebel army on March 26, 1939, along with Hinojosa del Duque, Belalcázar, Villanueva del Duque, El Viso, etc.

Fuente la Lancha Momuments

arish church of Saint Catherine
Custodia de Damian de Castro, eighteenth century.(a religious casket or reliquary)

Remains of the Chalcolithic dolmens.

Fuente la Lancha Gastronomy

Sausages (noting especially the elaboration of its fine morcilla or black pudding). Migas. Lupines. Roasted chickpeas. Pitarra wine (homemade).
Sweets: Torta de Manteca (butter cake)


Out of Cordoba. Continue: N-432. passing El Vacar. Turn right: N-502. Continue on N-502A. Passing Alcaracejos. Continue: A-422 and follow signs to Fuente la Lancha.

Distances from Fuente la Lancha

Añora 16 km
Cordoba 80 km
Alcaracejos 8 km
Belalcázar 21 km
Pozoblanco 19 km
Santa Euphemia 26 km
Fuente Obejuna 49 km
Villanueva de Cordoba 40 km
Villaviciosa de Cordoba 62 km
Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo 34 km

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