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Villages in Córdoba

Fuente Palmera

Villages in Córdoba

Fuente Palmera – Córdoba – Andalucía

Fuente Palmera lies between the geographical coordinates, 5 ° 03* to 5* 8* longitude  and 37° to 37* 8*  latitude N. La Colonia de Fuente Palmera is situated in the southwestern part of the province of Cordoba,  its municipal area is bordered as follows: to the east and south by Ecija,  to the east by Guadalcazar,  to the north by Hornachuelos and Posadas, and to the west by Palma del Río and Hornachuelos.

It has a very irregular municipal area, where many of the population centres reach to within a few metres of the province of Sevilla, even, as in the case of Villar, to stand alone, like a small island.

Fuente was begun at the same time as other Nuevas Poblaciones Carolinas in 1767.

The population centre is divided into small hamlets or departments.

In the countryside where Fuente Palmera now stands remains and graves covered with thick slabs of clay have  been found. Some researchers have said that these discoveries are from the ancient Pecuria Romana, noted by Pliny on the left bank of the Guadalquivir.
Its first settlers were German, French and Italian.  Its foundation was essential to combat the actions of bandits.

The installation of the new settlers was hard, because of agricultural and language difficulties, also by the permanent opposition of the residents of Ecija.  In this situation the Royal Crown intervened directly, and ordered immediately the cessation of all “coercion and outrage” against the residents of Fuente Palmera.

Fuente Palmera Monuments

Parish Church of the Immaculate Conception, XVIII century.
Ayuntamiento 1771. (town hall)
Posito (Granary).
Plaza Real
Fuente Carlos III

Fuente Palmera Gastronomy

Embutidos (chorizo and onion sausages). White Gazpacho. Oxtail. Home cooked “Flamenquín” , grilled meat. Frogs Legs. Stuffed Artichokes.

Sweets: Pestiños. Flores.


Leaving Cordoba. Continue: A-3051. Turn left: A-445. Pass near Fuencubierta. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit Continue along: A-440. Follow signs to the town.


Cordoba 45 km
Posadas 13 km
Villaseca 20 km
Encinarejo 30 km
Guadalcázar 20 km
Almodovar del Rio 21 km
Rivero de Posadas 16 km

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