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Villages in Sevilla

Fuentes de Andalucía

Villages in Sevilla

Fuentes de Andalucía

The municipality of Fuentes de Andalucia sits in the comarca de la Campiña, being located in the eastern part of the province of Seville which is adjacent to that of Cordoba.

Settlements have been known here since prehistoric times, by the archaeological sites found at the Cerros de San Pedro.

During the Roman period it was a very populace area, which would lead us to believe it was a population centre of some importance. The most important remains are those of Cortijo del Notario, Cortijo de la Fuente del Cabo and those in the town itself. In the environs of Fuentes was situated the village of Obucula.

Fuentes was conquered by the Christians in the thirteenth century. It was under the jurisdiction of Carmona until independence in the fourteenth century.

In the XVI century the Fuentes reached its peak and began to acquire architectural significance, reaching its prominence in the eighteenth century.

Fuentes de Andalucía Monuments

Church of St. Mary of the Snows
Church of St. Joseph
Church of the Incarnation
Church of San Francisco
Chapel of Dawn
Shrine of Christ

Archaeological Sites

Castillo de la Monclova (Castle)
Casas Senoriales (Manor Houses)
Ayuntamiento (Town Hall)
Roman Remains
Protohistoric remains and Roman remains at Obulcula
Cortijo del Notario and Cortijo de la Fuente del Cabo


From Sevilla by Carreterra Nacional IV via Cordoba, passing Carmona,  continue in the direction of Ecija, take exit at kilometre 482, where it links with the local road SE 220, Fuentes de Andalucia is to be found at the end of this.

From Cordoba by Carreterra Nacional IV towards Seville, via Ecija and Luisiana, at kilometre 482 take the exit, where it links with the local road SE 220,and Fuentes is to be found at the end of this.

From Malaga, take the A 92 towards Seville, take the exit to Osuna, located at kilometre 85, leaving the village take the SE 700 Carreterra in the direction of Lantejuela, once through the village continue along the same road to Fuentes de Andalucía.

Distances from the town

Ecija 35 km
Sevilla 65 km
Carmona 34 km
El Arahal 35 km
Marchena 23 km
Lora del Rio 30 km
Palma del Rio 38 km
El Viso del Alcor 49 km
La Puebla de Cazalla 38 km

Fuentes de Andalucía Town Hall

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