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Water Dams in Málaga

Gaitanejo Dam

Water Dams in Málaga

Gaitanejo Dam & Reservoir – Ardales

The Dam of Gaitanejo es located in the municipality of Ardales, in the province of Málaga, and close to the three reservoirs (Conde de Guadalhorce Dam and Guadalhorce-Guadalteba Dam). This small dam has rendered the water form the Turon river and from the Guadalhorce and Guadalteba rivers.

Its basin covers an area of 1725 km2 (1702 regulated from the upstream dams).

The dam has a gravity profile. Being constructe horizontal axis longitudinal arch, suported on the slopes of a rarrow canyon, the entrance is closed in turn to a vertical axis vault.

Gaitanejo Dam has been conditioned as a diversion dam for the central Nuevo Chorro, built in the pit exit of Los Gaitanes, using the old intake and penstock channel with in-line implanted in it.

The reservoir has a volume of 4 hm3.

Its spillway (now concrete screed to crown height) is on left side, from lip fixed, with five openings (cofferdams of planks).

More about Gaitanejo Dam and Reservoir

* Constructor: H. del Chorro
* Type of Dam: gravity
* Dam volume: 5 (103m3)
* Spillway: Free lamina
* Destination: energy
* Owner: Sevillana Electricity Co.
* Designer: H. del Chorro
* Height: 35 m
* Longitude of coronation: 55 m
* Reservoir volume: 4,05 hm3
* Surface: 23 hectares

Distances from the reservoir

To Málaga 60 km
To Campillos 29 km
To El Chorro 10 km
To Ardales 9,5 km
To Teba 26 km
To Carratraca 15 km
To Antequera 40 km

Dam & Reservoir of Gaitanejo in Ardales

Presa de Gaitanejo - Pantano de Gaitanejo - Embalse de Gaitanejo

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