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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


Genalguacil is to the south of the comarca (region) of Ronda in Lower Genal Valley. The village is spread over a hill at an altitude of 520 metres above sea level and is 45 kilometres from Ronda and 150 from Málaga, the capital. The average rainfall, one of the highest in the province exceeds 1,300 l/m2 a year and the average temperature is around 14 º C

Genalguacil, with its network of streets and alleys with steep slopes and white walls of its Moorish origin sits completely on a large rocky outcrop overlooking a mountainous landscape resembling a scalloped mosaic, with chestnuts trees, pines, oaks and, very singularly, the firs of the Natural Park “Los Reales”, where the Swiss scientist Edmond Boissier first showed this tree to botanical science in 1837.

Its corners and balconies full of flowers strategically scattered throughout the village are sculptures in stone, iron, wood and clay, constructed during the times of Arte del Valle de Genal with mosaics and legends, customs and crafts.

A walk through the village and contact with its people, art and nature, makes it unforgettable.

Although its origin is clearly Arabic, archaeological remains found in the region date back to prehistoric times.

Its name comes from the Arabic: Gema-Al Wacir, which means “the gardens of the Vizier.”
Medina Conde in his “Conversaciones historicos malagueñas” speaks of the existence of old gold mines, also silver and copper workings, and there are still some traces of the exploitation of these minerals in the area known as Los Morteretes.

After the conquest by the Catholic Monarchs, the population had to live their lives in a village which had participated in the Moorish uprising of the mid-sixteenth century, in the chronicles of these clashes a Castilian nobleman Don Alonso de Aguilar died at the hands of the Moorish leader Feri of Benestepar. In 1570 there was a definitive and final expulsion of the Moors, the region being repopulated with Christians from other parts of Extremadura and Andalusia. Genaguacil was then given to the Duke of Arcos, and belonged to the duchy until such territorial privileges were abolished.

Genalguacil Monuments

San Pedro Mártir de Verona Church
Fuente Alta
Permanent Museum of Encuentros de Arte de Valle del Genal.

Gastronomy of Genalguacil

Hot gazpacho, migas, tomato soup, and fennel stew. In Genalguacil, as in the rest of the villages of the Genal Valley, the gastronomy is based on a long tradition that has managed to combine the products of the land with the diet in terms of seasonality, so you can find hot gazpacho, more in the cold months, migas, or fresh gazpacho, which is usually consumed in summer. Spring is the time for dishes with wild herbs such as golden thistle, fennel, “collejas” or asparagus.

Throughout the year you can taste mountain casseroles and various dishes of chickpeas, and among the meat, rabbit stews and a wide variety of dishes of pork and sausages. A section deserving of special is garden products, the Genal Valley nurtures its people with a variety of vegetables and fruits. Everything hinges on two essential foods: olive oil and bread baked over firewood.


From the Costa del Sol, starting from Estepona (AP-7 motorway and N-340) take the MA-557, and you will pass through el Puerto de Peñas Blancas, or better still, continue on the MA-557, and you will pass through Jubrique , accessed by the MA-558. Both roads lead to Genalguacil. If you come from Ronda, drive along A-369, which connects this city with Algeciras , and you will reach Algatocín. About 12 km from this town, along the MA-536, you will find Genalguacil.

Distances from Genalguacil

Estepona 44 km
Ronda 42 km
Jubrique 10km
Gaucin 22 km





Casa Consistorial de Genalguacil

Genalguacil - Mirador de la Plaza

Mirador de los Poyetes de Genalguacil

Fuente de los Burros

Fuente la Huerta - Genalguacil

Genalguacil - Fuente Santa

Contemporary Art in Genalguacil

Deseos Embotellados - Bottle Wishes - Marta de Pablos 2012

Plains Head

Genalguacil genalguacil-musica-en-el-aire

Genalguacil - Julio Antonio Fecit Etoque lo quee - Kardo Kosta

El Guardián de la Fuente Santa Genalguacil - Veleta - Pablo Rekalde

Abrazando la Luz - Antonio Haro - Nuria Haro

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