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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


The municipality of Gerena is situated in the northwest quadrant of the province of Seville, occupying an area of transition between the comarca (region) de Aljarafe and the foothills of Sierra Morena. In 1996 its population was 5405 inhabitants. The main nucleus is situated in a prime position on a granite hillock of 89 metres, from which can be controlled a large area.

Gerena limits with the neighboring municipalities of El Castillo de las Guardas, El Garrobo, Guillena, Salteras, Olivares, Sanlúcar la Mayor and Aznalcollar.

En 1.996 su población ascendía a 5.405 habitantes. El núcleo principal está situ

The Iberian root name has been mentioned by the mythological shepherd-king Geryon. It could also come from the Latin word Lerenna, which the Arabs called Gerea.

The Roman period leaves abundant remains: paintings on walls, remains of possible thermals or silos, mosaics, ceramics, the bridge over the river Guadiamar and an aqueduct that carried water from Escacena to Italica, among others. This indicates a large population.

In El Huerto de Nicomedes, at the entrance to the village, can be found the remains of a Visigothic Christian basilica and necropolis.

The Christian conquest was conducted by Alfonso X, Fernando III not having been successful.

In 1627 Philip IV sold Gerena to Don Cornejo Pedro Sandoval.

In the eighteenth century Gerena passed to the family Bucarelli, then the to de Queralt, until the abolition of the feudal system in the early nineteenth century.

Gerena Monuments

Parish church of the Immaculate Conception
San Benito Church
Soledad Chapel
House of the Marquis of Albacerrada
Huerto de Nicomedes
Archaeological remains of a Reservoir
Remains of the Roman bridge
Roman Aqueduct


By Road
– From Seville by National Highway 630 in the direction of Extremadura, get to the turn off via highway 477.
– From Portugal, Extremadura, Cáceres, Badajoz, on National Highway 630 in the direction of Seville, when you pass the village of Pajanosas, after a few kms diversion is the turn off via highway 477.

Distances from Gerena

Sevilla 25 km
Guillena 13 km
La Algaba 19 km
Aznalcóllar 12 km
Torre de la Reina 21 km
El Castillo de las Guardas 41 km

Gerena Town Hall

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