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Water Dams in Sevilla

Gergal Dam

Water Dams in Sevilla

Gergal Dam & Reservoir – Guillena

Gergal Dam was built in 1979 on the bed of the Rivera de Huelva River, municipality of Guillena, province of Sevilla, Andalusia.Gergal Dam & Reservoir - Guillena

Gergal is a gravity arch dam type  with a height from foundations of 62,55 meters and a crest lenght of 288 meters.

Gergal Reservoir belong to the Cuenca Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir and has a capacity of 35 hm3.

Uses of Gergal Reservoir

Water Supplying


Guillena is situated in the northwest quadrant of the province of Seville, in the transitional space between the Vega del Guadalquivir and the foothills of Sierra Morena. In 1996 it had a population of 8281 inhabitants, of which approximately 4/5 lived in the main population centre. The remaining population centres of the municipality are Torre de la Reina, the village of Las Pajanosas and urbanization Lago del Serrano. The principal part of the municipality sits on a gentle hill, which slopes eastward to descend to the bed of the Rivera de Huelva and to the west towards  Arroyo Galapagar.

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