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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


The municipality of Gilena is situated in the southeastern corner of the province of Sevilla, under the jurisdiction of the comarca de la Sierra Sur.

Gilena limits with the municipalities of Estepa, Pedrera, Aguadulce and Martín de la Jara.

The village sits on the southwestern slope of the Sierra de Estepa, close to the small arroyo (river) Gilena and over a topography which has a gentle slope toward the river bed. It is protected to the north by a mountain barrier, formed by the foothills of the pico del Becerro.

The origin of the name of Gilena could be from flint, stone, or Silena, “place of stone”. We do know that during the Arab rule it was known as lugar de Gilena, later as Puebla de Gilena and finally as Villa de Gilena.

The geographical location and the abundance of water here have made the area a stopping off point for many civilizations each leaving their marks and remains. Remains from prehistory have been discovered, through the Romans and Visigoths, until the period of Al-Andalus. Through the region all these various civilizations passed and all left some traces. Archaeological remains have been found of Chalcolithic Iberians, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs.

According to studies by some researchers, in these lands was located the Iberian city of Ilse, founded in the first century BC

During the period of Al-Andalus it was an important settlement. Gilena was an agricultural district of la Cora. It is mentioned by the geographer, Yaqut Al Hamawi, of the XII and XIII centuries, in his book “El Libro de las Naciones” or “The Book of Nations”, in which he speaks of the wonderful products grown on its banks with special mention of apples, famous in all Al-Andalus. The waters of the Ojo de Gilena powered the flour mills built by the Arabs along its banks.

After the Christian conquest, Gilena passed to the Order of Santiago.

During the reign of Philip II it was ceded to the Marquis of Estepa until the dissolution of the feudal courts in 1837.

Gilena Monuments

Church of the Immaculate Conception
Chapel of Our Lady of Health

Gilena Archaeological Sites

Chalcolithic remains.
Remains from the end of the Bronze Age
Iberian remains
Roman remains
Visigothic remains
Arab remains

Gilena Directions

From Sevilla to Malaga, on the A-92 to Osuna, once passed and 11 kilometres further on, take exit at kilometre 93 and connect with the local road IS 486 and turn left at the first intersection. Left on the A 353, which leads directly to the village.

From Malaga to Seville by motorway A 92, pass by Lora de Estepa and at km 109 turn Esteppa, through the village and continue on, linking via the 353 road which leads directly to the village.

From Madrid, Cordoba via the Carreterra Nacional IV towards Seville, reaching Ecija, turn on to the A 351 towards Osuna, which leads to a virtually straight road to Osuna, continue along the highway A-92 in direction of Malaga for a few kilometres, take exit at kilometre 93 and connect with the local road IS 486 and turn left at the first intersection on the left along the road that leads to 353 directly to the village.


Estepa 7 km
Osuna 20 km
Sevilla 108 km
Casariche 21 km
Sierra de Yeguas 24 km
La Puebla de Cazalla 42 km

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