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Water Dams in Jaén

Giribaile Dam

Water Dams in Jaén

Giribaile Dam – Reservoir

The Giribaile Dam was built between 1992 and 1997 on the Guadalimar riverbed. The reservoir is part of the Andalusian municipalities of Ibros, Vilches, Rus, Canena, Ubeda, Navas de San Juan and Sabiote.

Tributary of the Guadalquivir, the Guadalimar river rises at the foot of the Cerro Almenara, in the Sierra de Alcaraz, Albacete.

The reservoir belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir (area of Jaen).

The reservoir basin has a surface  area of 2932 km2 and an average annual contribution of 336,90 hm3.

The type of dam is loose materials with vertical clay core, fixed spillway lip with lateral weir, has a crest length of 685,80 m and a dam volume of 2.400.000 hm3. Its crest elevation is 355,50 meters and the height from foundation is 266,50 m ( m.s.n.m.)

Reservoir capacity: 475,08 hm3.

Giribaile Dam & Reservoir Purpose-Objectives

* Ecological Flow
* Irrigation
* Fishing

Giribaile Dam - Reservoir

Presa de Giribaile - Embalse de Giribaile - Pantano de Giribaile - Ibros - Jaén

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