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Water Dams in Cádiz

Guadalcacin Dam

Water Dams in Cádiz

Guadalcacin Dam & Reservoir

The Guadalcacin Dam is located on the Majaceite or Guadalcacín river, a tributary of the most important Guadalete, in the “Angostura de Arcos or Arcos Narrows” where the river is squeezed between to mountains of rock.

The Majaceite or Guadalcacín river rises in Benamahoma, where he is also known as El Bosque river to its confluence with the Ubrique and Tavizna rivers in the Los Hurones Dam and Reservoir.

The reservoir is located in the municipalities of San José del Valle, Arcos de la Frontera, Paterna de Rivera and Algar, all towns in the province of Cadiz.


– Irrigation
– Water Supply
– Ecological Flow

Fishing – Water Sport


Situated on the Majaceite river, the Guadalcacin basin has a surface of 687 km2, an average annual rainfall of 631,20 l/m2 and an average annual contribution of 301,5 hm3.

The geology of the basin is limestone marble, ofitas, marls, clays mummulíticas, etc

The dam has a height above the bed of 79,00 m and a height from foundations of 79,00 m. Its coronation lenght is 267,20 m and its coronation width is 10,0 m.

The volume of the dam is 1.210.549 m3.

The Guadalcacín reservoir has a capacity of 853,4 hm3 and a surface of 3.670 hectares.

Its the largest reservoir in the province of Cádiz.

Guadalcacin Dam and Reservoir, Cadiz

Guadalcacin Dam and Reservoir

Arcos de la Frontera Municipality

Arcos is located in the northeast of the province of Cádiz. Its area covers 525.4 square kilometers. Its geographical location is as follows: 36º44’33 ”north latitude and 2º07’074” west longitude.

In Arcos the central Courts of the following localities are located: Algar, Alcalá del Valle, Algodonales, Espera, El Gastor, Olvera, Setenil, Puerto Serrano, Torre Alháquime and Villamartín.

There are more than 30,000 inhabitants that are distributed throughout the city center and its various rural towns. The average temperature is 18º. The maximum temperatures oscillate between 38 and 43º and the minimum between 6 and 14º. Read more…

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  1. jose manuel nieto escribio:

    El embalse se encuentra en los municipios de San José del Valle, Arcos de la Frontera, Jerez de la Frontera y Algar, provincia de Cádiz.
    El Término Municipal de Paterna de Rivera es tan solo de 14,01 km2, y su punto más cercano al embalse dista 13,8 km.

  2. Caroline escribio:

    Why is the reservoir dry please?

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