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Guadalcanal – La Almona

Guadalcanal – La Almona

La Almona is located on the street of the same name, a few meters from the Town Hall, the España Square, the San Vicente Chapel and two minutes from the impressive Santa María de la Asunción Parish Church, in the town of Guadalcanal, Sevilla province.

It is the most ancient civil building in the Province of Seville.

Almona comes from the Arabian term almoneda “house of supplies”. It dates from the year 1307 in the Mudejar style. It is a two-storey building made of masonry stone and bare brick, half timbered gabled roof. The ground floor consists of pointed arches which rise from the pavement to form buttresses, receives light by small embrasures enlarged afterwards, accessible through a pointed horsesheo arch. The upper floor is accessible through a ramp attached to the façade used by the pack animals to deposit the burden. The access entrace is a gothic arch stonework.

This building was originally the house of supply of the Order of Santiago, afterwards among the multiple uses housed a soap factory and tradeoff house. At present it can be visited and enjoyed as it houses a restaurant and a pub.

La Almona - Guadalcanal

Guadalcanal Town Hall

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