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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


The municipality of Guadalcanal is located in the far north of the province of Sevilla, being adjacent to the Autonomous Community of Extremadura. It belongs to the Sierra Norte region of Sevilla, including part of its term in the natural park of the same name. The village is situated in a valley between the Sierra del Viento (north) and Sierra del Agua (south).

The archaeological remains found in the caves of San Francisco and Santiago, provide us evidence of settlements in the Neolithic. Archaeology also offers Roman ruins, as are the remains of a Roman road on the right bank of the stream of Arc (for these lands ran the Roman road from Híspalis to Emérita) or the sarcophagus found in Santa Marina farm, no doubt the most significant of the archaeology in the period.

Guadalcanal founding dates back to the first Iberian settlements, which gave the name of Tereses, Tereja and some have even said that it was Canani. Its current name comes directly from Arabic Guad-al-Kanal.

Guadalcanal Monuments

Parish Church Santa María de la Asunción
La Almona
San Vicente
Church of San Sebastian
Church of La Concepción
Hospital de los Milagros
Hermitage of El Cristo
Church of Santa Ana
Hermitage of San Benito
Hermitage of Guaditoca

Guadalcanal Gastronomy

The lamb and pork products are stellar, with the more traditional specialties, the stew, the Rabada lamb and fried pig. You can also taste traditional dishes made with meat from small game (hare with rice, beans with partridge, etc.). As for vegetables, specialties include dandelion, asparagus, collejas and watercress soup. Another great culinary wealth is the pastry, being our main specialties the gullet, the puff pastry, muffins and cakes oil greaves.

How to get there

From Sevilla to Cantillana by the C-433 and from there to the El Pedroso,  Cazalla and Constantina from which you access the rest of Towns of the Sierra Norte.

The company Linesur has frequent daily connections to all villages in the Sierra Norte from the bus station in Plaza de Armas.

By train. The suburban network Sevilla-Santa Justa offers frequent trains stopping at El Pedroso, Cazalla / Constantina and Guadalcanal.

Distances from Guadalcanal

Alanís 12 km
Azuaga 32 km
Sevilla 108 km
Cantillana 74 km
El Pedroso 43 km
Constantina 37 km
Fuente Obejuna 57 km
Cazalla de la Sierra 28 km

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