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Water Dams in Málaga

Guadalmina Dam

Water Dams in Málaga

Guadalmina Dam & Reservoir – Benahavís

The Guadalmina Dam is located in the Gudalmina river, in the town of Benahavis, just few minutes from the village, past the soccer stadium. The reservoir belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Sur.

It is a Bypass Dam, take the water from the Guadalmina river by a 9.5 km tunnel to the Concepción reservoir , in the Río Verde in Marbella. The tunnel has a capacity of 16 m3 / s and length of 9 , 5 km.

Its basin covers an area of 49 km2 and transfer to the Conception reservoir about 18 Hm3./year of water.

The type of the Guadalmina Dam is Gravity and straight plant, has a height of 21m on foundations, a coronation length of 137 m. and spillway with 7 vains and a fixed lip.

Presa de Guadalmina en el municipio malagueño de Benahavís, en la Costa del Sol de Málaga, embalse de guadalmina, Andalucía

Embalse de Guadalmina

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